Monique Thomaes

_ het ligt in jou _

 light installation
part 1, 3 x 3m projectionscreen / spot / textgobo
part 2, 4 x 3m projectionsscreen / 2 spots / colourfilter

as part of the second edition from winterlicht international exhibition at the Julianapark Schiedam (NL)

several spots are directed on 2 screens, installed from each side of a lane in the park the visitors – are travelling into and through the light – become part of the work by creating shadows on the screens – activates the work

one of the spot is projecting the „title” and pronounces the content of the work.

the work is based on earlier works playing with light, time and space giving a special role to the spectator.


C. Tannert wrote about these works:
„Monique Thomaes’ on-the-spot-installations are journeys with and in light, a one-way ticket to the universal, a meditative exercise, a retrospective dream. An important stipulation of her room presentations employing light is the observer’s active experience of the room. It is exactly this correspondence which facilitates the initiation of a philosophical questioning while at the same time turning the eye inward. Silence. Opening. Now pay careful attention. Time is astray. What patience such a room needs!”