Monique Thomaes

1999 | femmes / messages / femmes

femmes / messages / femmes

1998-2008, 3 parts, each 3’, colour, dv

première: Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 1999
other presentations: CC Mechelen 2006 (italian version)

Part of a work based on the photography of a plaster sculpture, a women, which was shot in Florence’s Galleria dell’Accademia. It was the basic material for a lot of photographic works and a slide-projection installation. To this diversity of images a play of French adjectives is added. Alphabetically ordened and rhythmically edited, they created images in the head, which changes by each adjective.
(3 versions: french, italian, spanish)


Leonie Baumann, Angelika Stepken, Thomas Wulffen

installation view Bethanien 1999

1999 | midi


1999, 5’, sound, b/w, dv


People in a sunny situation, filmed with over-exposure. The film is manipulated by cutting and repeating their movements. People are knowable, but changed into actors. The situation, the place, the action are not known. Image and sound are defining the rhythm.

1999 | a cappella

a cappella

1999, 8’40, colour, sound, dv
première: Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, video projection on a window in the streets of Paris 2003
and video projection in the hall at Podewil, Berlin 2003


A group of talking children filmed in a museums’ hall. The images and the sound are manipulated into a rhythmical dance and then reduced to the acoustic signals shown on the oscilloscopic display.

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exhibition view Paris
exhibition view Berlin