Monique Thomaes

2007 | lieux



1995, 3 parts, each 8’, b/w, dv
Première: CCNOA Brussels 2007
shooting place: Salzburg/Hallein 1995

A camera is statically pointed toward a large room. Gradually and successively the camera’s aperture is opened. Initially, the picture in the monitor reveals merely a narrow slit of light located at the lower edge, in appearance somewhat similar to a drawing placed upon a dark background. Slowly but surely the line fills out to a re-cognizable room volume, until ultimately in a glistening white this figure loses both its dimensions and contours and is reduced to an empty surface. An opening and a closing-up of the room/image to vision, a gentle process.
(Angelika Stepken in the book “the passage – monique thomaes” 1998)

A comment of Christoph Tannert in the catalogue “de passage”: What patience such a room needs!


Brigitte Hammer
Angelika Stepken
Christoph Tannert

  CCNOA Brussels 2007

2007 | andante


2007 6’40 colour dv
première: video/multimedia days Antwerp, Belgium 2007
video installation
other presentations: “passie voor het ongrijpbare” St. Truiden, Museum Vlaamse Minderbroeders, Belgium 2007

The videowork “andante” is meant as an hommage to the filmmaker Ingmar Bergman.

The fascination for the monumentality of the images has resulted in different essays. Some details were taken out of the films, manipulated and assembled to a new composition where the movement and the repeating of the quiet action is creating a new visual experience.

Antwerp 2007
St. Truiden 2007

2007 | curtain


variable, DV, colour, permeke auditorium, Antwerp 2007

scenography for a music project from the Muzische Huis Antwerp