Monique Thomaes

2003 | a cappella

a cappella

1999, 8’40, colour, sound, dv
première: Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, video projection on a window in the streets of Paris 2003
and video projection in the hall at Podewil, Berlin 2003


A group of talking children filmed in a museums’ hall. The images and the sound are manipulated into a rhythmical dance and then reduced to the acoustic signals shown on the oscilloscopic display.

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exhibition view Paris
exhibition view Berlin

2003 | icon


exhibition view

2003/2006, 12’, colour, dv
installation: projection (image) and
led-display (words)


A plaster sculpture stood “Model” for this work. The photograph has been manipulated. The videowork is developped out of one of these photographs: one-second-images are showing in 6 minutes the face of the woman that is disappearing the next 6 minutes.

To this diversity of images the play of French adjectives is added. Alphabetically ordened and rhythmically edited, they created images in the head, which changes by each adjective.

see also the video work femmes/messages

2003 | tree movements

tree movements

2003, 5:26:24, colour, dv
Out of the series observations (people, clouds, water, wind, time, light):
instanteneous photograph of a poetic (shadow) image.

The “still” is moved out of his dreamposition with a certain interval and put back in his starting position after 5:26:24.

2003 | (f)light


2003, 2’, colour, dv

TV-images from the daily international news out of the period of 11.9.01

work in progress, part of a serie of analysing and re-composing TV-material.