Monique Thomaes

2004 | gestes / gesten

gestes / gesten

2004, 2 parts, each 5’30, colour, dv
première: Video Festival Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2004
2nd presentation: exhibition Stippels en Pixels, Zebrastraat Gent 2005

work in progress
TV-images from the daily international news out of the period of 11.9.01 observed and noted down the images: analysed, isolated
the material: manipulated, alienated, accentuated and assembled in a succession of a hundred of stills suggesting an innocent causerie.

place, time, theme become universal

A text by Vilém Flusser is cited: this is not meant as a subtitling but the words are moving the images to an higher plane of imagination.

2004 | ochos


2004, 4’, sound, colour, dv
première: video projection Maaltecastle Gent 2005
other presentations: screening Arenbergschouwburg Antwerp, Belgium 2006
video projection

Fascination for the choreography and work of Pina Bausch is the starting point for this video work. The movement of the dancers has been observed and analysed, the physical environment extended to an architectural experience and the music reduced to a sound decor.

time / movement and counter-movement / dramastructure / silence / speed / passion / tension / superiority / balance /
constitue the vocabulary of the final result; they conduct to architectural images with an emotional and sensual tension.