Monique Thomaes

2001 | blue motion

blue motion

2000, 30’, colour, dv
première: video projection OEB, Berlin 2001

A succession of moving images designed in the analogue videotechnic and resulting in a meditative submersion in space and colour in a fluid rhythm.


In the staircase hall of the building I projected the videowork on a big screen placed in front of the entrance and the street: inside the silence, outside the streetnoise (passengers, cars, trains) and played them off against each other.

exhibition view

2001 | hombre


1997, 2 parts, 2’, 4’, colour, sound, dv
première: Intime Expeditionen – Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe 2001,
Haus-am-Waldsee Berlin 2001
video installation

Whereas in previous works static and slow-motion-effects are used, this work was the start of a new serie of image manipulation by using video-technical possibilities. a man is filmed on the cathedral place in Granada. He prepares himself for the procession. The colors are manipulated into over-exposure, his movements shortened and repeated, the rhythm decided. His motion is manipulated into a short piece of dance, of performance, showing himself. The place, the time of the day are not shown.

2001 | shift / colour / shift

shift / colour / shift

2001, 2 parts, each 8’, colour, dv
video installation 
Haus am Waldsee Berlin 2002 

Computer designed single colour planes which are arranged according to a specific mathematical pattern based on the RGB mode are at the outset of this experimental study. The individual images appear in certain different sequences and rhythms. The work found his inspiration in the work Piano Phase (Steve Reich 1967) and could be accompagned by this music in an installation.

installation view

2001 | courandair


aerotecktura grosser Wasserspeicher (great water tower)
Berlin Prenzlauerberg 2001
6 synthetic pipes, ventilators, fabric


Air – the element most delicate in substance – is essential to all life. But can it be represented visually? Air can really only be felt, and usually we only perceive a lack, an impurity, or a movement thereof. A transparent pipe system slices through all the rings of the water tower in both directions (entry/exit). Ventilators move strips of cloth inside the pipes: a suggestion of how warm air is apparently being drawn in and cold air expelled.

installation view