Monique Thomaes

2006 | femmes / messages / femmes

femmes / messages / femmes

installation CC Mechelen
part of the work femmes/messages/femmes (1999)
(première Berlin – Künstlerhaus Bethanien)

the text on the displays of the Cultural Center of Mechelen who shows
normally daily informations
was now replaced by the continuing play of adjectives:
alphabetically ordened and rhythmically edited,
they created images in the head,
which changes by each adjective. 
(3 versions: french, italian, spanish)

installation view CC Mechelen 2006

2006 | ochos


2004, 4’, sound, colour, dv
première: video projection Maaltecastle Gent 2005
other presentations: screening Arenbergschouwburg Antwerp, Belgium 2006
video projection


Fascination for the choreography and work of Pina Bausch is the starting point for this video work. The movement of the dancers has been observed and analysed, the physical environment extended to an architectural experience and the music reduced to a sound decor.

time / movement and counter-movement / dramastructure / silence / speed / passion / tension / superiority / balance /
constitue the vocabulary of the final result; they conduct to architectural images with an emotional and sensual tension.

video stills

2006 | breathtaking


2006, different parts, b/w dv
première: “breathtaking” 2007, Fstforward gallery, Antwerp

Video recordings of the Manhattan skyline are the starting point for this work. Hundreds of stills of this raw material are manipulated and converted into independant elements. These elements are grouped as new structures reminding to scores and choreograhpy. Time and movement are predominant: the existing architecture and its environment are subordinated to the movement, time is stretched out, tension is built up.

All these elements are flowing together into a breath-taking experience.

Marc Ruyters